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We at Best of You Today would like to introduce to you a transformative women’s community that is the only of it’s kind. Because sometimes what we need isn’t just more teachings... it’s more support. More live interaction. More ways to surround yourself with love, wisdom and joy... to counteract the hustle, stress and pains of the day.

We invite you into our special Best of You Today Inner Circle.

When you join our exclusive Inner Circle you’ll be immersed in interactive coaching and personal access to our Best of YOU team and coaches. You’ll also receive our weekly series of Inner Circle Teachings videos and materials, featuring the world’s top experts, leaders, doctors and scientists.

  • Debbie Debbie Ford
  • Marci Marci Shimoff
  • Dan Dan Millman
  • Carol Carol Look
  • Gay Gay Hendricks
  • Byron Byron Katie
  • Sonia Sonia Choquette
  • Tony Tony Horton

Plus so much more!

All designed to foster ongoing transformation toward permanent change, so that you always have an environment to support, nourish and enrich you... along with personal, live access to our Best of YOU support team and coaches.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join our Inner Circle:

  • Powerful weekly video interviews and trainings to help you master and laser-focus in on a new area of your life each month. (Just a taste of upcoming topics includes: activating financial abundance, learning advanced meditation and healing techniques, understanding the science of beauty and reclaiming romance and love in your life).
  • Interactive Response System so you can ask questions or share your insights related to each training, fostering a rich interactive learning experience and connecting you directly with the wisdom of the entire Inner Circle women’s community
  • Access to our Best of YOU team to answer your questions and respond to your insights within our Interactive Response System
  • Weekly "Open Forum" live chats with a dedicated transformation coach to guide you toward breakthrough transformation and laser-focused life insights.
  • 1 New Guided Meditation Audio released each month with an intention aligned with that month’s Inner Circle teachings
  • 10 Mastery Affirmations each month, exclusively crafted to magnetize your entire being for rapid and powerful creation aligned with that month’s teachings
  • A vibrant and loving community of women to support, guide and nourish you so that you always find that friendly support you need to stay on your path and claim your truth - because here, you are never alone.

PLUS, as an Inner Circle Member, you also receive these bonus materials and perks:

  • Digital audios of each training so the support and wisdom of the circle can travel with you! Listen to it on your MP3 player, in your car, while running errands or working out.
  • PDF transcripts of each training for easy reference and note-taking
  • Ongoing access to all mastery trainings and materials, which are archived and accessible within the Inner Circle area
  • FREE Membership in our VIP Perks Program to enjoy surprise goodies and gifts - like VIP- only coupons and discounts... automatic upgrades to VIP seating at our live events... velvet rope access to VIP Only live coaching calls and trainings... and more!
  • FREE access to our upcoming online expert seminar series, a special expert teachings series that will only be available to the public on a pay per view basis
  • PLUS...

Additional Goodies For YOU When You Join Now!

Enjoy These Bonus Gifts When You Sign Up Today...

We want to support you in awakening the Best of YOU starting immediately. We also know that we’ve designed the most powerful support system to keep you plugged in and aligned with your transformation goals.

And so here are some gifts we’d like you to have when you join our Inner Circle today, during this one-time offer:

Here’s the Instant Goodies You’ll Get...

"Playful Creation" Guided Meditation Audio to shift your being into a space of playful, effortless creation. This meditation is designed specifically for women to help you awaken your natural creativity while also opening you up to receiving the fruits of your creations.

And for the first 60 people who join... we’ll mail you a limited-edition Best of YOU Today gift set.


Live The Best of YOU Every Day With The Inner Circle Membership

We are truly excited to provide you this powerful support community. When you join us, you’ll enjoy a truly powerhouse system of support, love and wisdom delivered through live interaction, dynamic and accessible coaching, and laser-focused immersion into a different area of your life each month.

Unlike anything else available, this combination allows you to integrate everything you learn during our 6-week course into your daily life and relationships in a tangible, supported and guided format.

You’ll be able to master key skills and wisdom in every aspect of your life, including your approach to financial abundance, developing conflict resolution skills, exploring specific modalities and techniques for healing your body and optimizing your health... new conscious parenting skills, and even cutting-edge science and wisdom around revitalizing beauty and re-activating youth in your body.

Happy Ladies

We know that the power of this special Inner Circle will deliver you even faster, greater results than you might imagine possible. Most importantly, you’ll be able to stay supported and plugged-in to ongoing transformational teachings and guidance so that whenever that storm, conflict or challenge arises - no matter which area of life it shows up in - you have specific guidance and techniques you can turn to, as well as a robust support system you can depend on.

Lady With Flower

When you join our Inner Circle Membership, you create for yourself a new environment that can be a steady presence in your everyday life. You’ll be able to make new friends with other women dedicated to the same awakening and transformation you’re dedicated to. And you’ll have coaches and guides there to provide advice, insights and help you tackle any challenges that arise for you.

We’re dedicated to helping you experience deep, profound healing and awakening of your True Self, and that’s why we’ve decided to offer the The Best of You Today Inner Circle at a discounted price when you accept our 6-month membership or year-long membership options! This is our genuine way to serve you and thank you for your presence here with us... and to deliver you this unique system of support.

The regular price for our Inner Circle Membership is $29.95 per month, and today we’re offering this content-packed, sizzling transformation mastery membership and all these bonus goodies and gifts for an exciting discount when you choose a 6-month or year-long membership.

That’s a locked-in reduced price of as low as $14.92 per month for your first year at a one-time payment of $179 for the entire year! That’s 50% off of our normal year-long membership, which is $360.

When you join our Inner Circle with this special offer...

... you’ll guarantee that the Best of YOU will steadily awaken... remain fully supported... and permanently activated.

Nowhere else will you find such a nourishing environment for your permanent transformation, and for supporting the Best of YOU in every area of your life!

We sincerely hope you’ll take us up on this special offer. We hope you’ll join us!

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We’re so confident that you’ll love the interactive guidance, support and nourishment you’ll receive as part of our Inner Circle, that you have 60 days to experience it for yourself, risk-free! If for any reason you’re dissatisfied within those 60 days, you can contact us and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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