The Breakfree Program

Video Training Course: $497


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Release your past and reclaim your life in 4 powerful steps. Get the tools, exercises and guidance you need to begin living from your true, complete and exceptional self. This high-definition video training program could very well be the heartfelt yet persuasive push you need to break past your old barriers and truly construct the life you desire.


28 Days To Lasting Change

Video Challenge: $197


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Join me for just 10 minutes a day while I gently guide you through 28 powerful personal development concepts that will ignite your potential for positive and lasting change. This program is meant to become a part of your daily life for the next 4 weeks and is custom-designed to spark continuous, 1 degree improvement.


Letters of Hope

Digital Book: $14.95


A truly intimate collection of the 10 stories that changed my life. The Letters of Hope Digital Book is designed to help you understand that you are not alone, provide you with some context and understanding for what you may be feeling, and give examples of how to begin to heal.