Mental Mindset: How to Boost Self Esteem

People are often confused by what it means to have a healthy self-esteem. Some think of it as a heightened sense of self-confidence, an inflated ego, and even exaggerated self-worth.  Healthy self-esteem isn’t any of these things; in fact, it simply means appreciating yourself for who you are—faults, imperfections, and all. It appears that women, especially in America, struggle with achieving a healthy balance of self-esteem and confidence, while still remaining humble.  Media presents women in a way that defines worth largely dependent on materialistic indicators (appearance, financial status) combined with an effortless be-it-all and do-it-all ability. Unfortunately, for most women, the pressure to keep up with society’s expectations of what you should be able to do, and feel good about yourself if you can’t do it all, is an impossible balance to achieve.

Fortunately, it is easy to improve self-esteem without a complete life or personality overhaul. A very simple way to self-check your self-esteem is by simply acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, and moving forward with acceptance of both.  Acknowledging your self-worth and strengths doesn’t suggest an inflated ego; it’s necessary to navigate through life with a healthy mindset. On the flip-side, recognizing your faults and imperfections releases internal pressure to be everything to everyone, with a smile.

Reminders To Boost Self Esteem-

To help boost your self-esteem we’ve found three simple daily reminders to move you toward recognizing the amazing women you already are! Here are six easy ways to boost your self-esteem:

Know your worth. When was the last time you met a perfect person? Hopefully your answer is never, because it doesn’t exist. Nobody is perfect, including you, which should offer a feeling of relief.  Recognizing that you have incredible worth despite your past, shortcomings, or imperfections is necessary in developing healthy self-esteem. Frequently, we judge ourselves much more harshly than anyone else would, or has a right to.

Trust that you can overcome. Too often we don’t recognize our ability to get going when the going gets tough. Do you doubt your capability? Take on a new skill, or take a risk and test your ability to overcome and problem-solve. Make a mental note of your accomplishments and give yourself credit for your achievement. And most importantly, stop beating yourself up for your past. Everyone makes mistakes—the test of character is ability to overcome and move forward. Get moving!

Develop Self-Love and Acceptance. Aspiring to make self-improvement, physically, emotionally, or otherwise, is healthy. Obsessing over imperfections is not. Take a look in the mirror, not with an eye of disgust, rather an eye of wonder at all that makes you unique. Beauty is subjective and is weighed by much more than physical attributes. Are you smart? Witty? A great friend? All of these qualities are beautiful and very special, and unlike physical beauty, only get better as years pass. So rather than obsess over the ways to be physically beautiful, invest time in becoming a better person, internally. That’s the best long-term investment you can make.

Self-esteem takes time to develop, and everyone experiences feelings of diminished self-worth at some point in life. By taking inventory of the amazing qualities you already possess you can begin to focus on simple improvements, rather than obsess over a complete overhaul.

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