7 Tips on How to Keep a Fitness Journal

fitness journal, writing in journal, fitness journal, journal writing, fitness goals1. Buy a pre-made Fitness Journal or notebook of convenient size. Make sure it's large enough to write in comfortably, but small enough to take with you.

2. Have a pen that you will use only for your Fitness Journal.
3. Have a set time each day that you will journal. Write most of your foods and exercises in the morning or the night before. Determine a specific time each day to catch up on your journal. Having a regular schedule will help prevent you from getting back logged in your documenting. If possible, pick a location to journal where you will not be interrupted.
4. Each week go back and read the entry from the week before so you can see how well you are doing with your journaling and how you are progressing with your fitness goals.
5. Log your comments and personal experiences with anything new on your fitness or nutritional program.
6. Don’t stop writing! You are not expected to be the world’s best journal keeper. Make it a point to be as consistent as possible. Even if you are missing entries you should still keep logging new events.
7. Share all or part of your Fitness Journal. Sharing your journal increases your accountability.


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