Debbie Ford Live At Best of You Today Studios

Truly one of the most fearless women I've ever met...

Debbie Ford passed away at the age of 57 after years of battling cancer. It would be impossible to describe the impact of a woman who transformed the lives of so many, including mine, but I feel so blessed that I was able to speak with Debbie only months before her death. I’m sharing this interview with you with you today to pay tribute and honor the beautiful life and tragic loss of an inspirational leader.

The thing I loved most about Debbie was her way to see the beauty in everything. She had a unique perspective on life and found blessings even in personal tragedy and pain.

I’ve never been so impacted by someone’s ability to embrace life and overcome seemingly impossible odds. It’s an inspirational reminder to all of us to embrace ours pasts, let go, and discover our limitless potential with acceptance.

Regarding her purpose in life, Debbie said, “It is my mission day after day to find new ways to inspire others to go on this lifelong journey to clean up their past, to forgive themselves for their flaws and shortcomings, to make peace with their humanity, to open up to their divinity and allow themselves to be guided by a power greater than themselves. Congruence, integration, responsibility and integrity are the values that I stand for that each of us can reclaim as part of this process. Within ourselves, there are voices that provide us with all the answers that we need to heal our deepest wounds, to transcend our limitations, to overcome our obstacles or challenges, and to see where our soul is longing to go. Training people to go beyond their minds for direction in order to connect with these voices within is at the core of everything I teach.”

Debbie dedicated her life to unlocking purpose and meaning in the lives of every person she met and this is what we spoke about when she joined me at Best of You Today Studios for one of her last ever live interviews.

Watch my chat with Debbie Ford Below:


When we asked Debbie to share what it meant to live The Best of You, here's what she said:


Debbie represents all that The Best of You Today stands for and we will forever remember her fearlessness towards life, love and the pursuit of the perfection that lives within us all.

We hope you find Debbie’s message inspirational and encourage you to share it so you can continue spreading her message of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

With love and deep gratitude,

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