Are You Intuitive? Learn to Develop Your Awareness for Lasting Love

Sherrie DillardFeatured on television, radio and in print for her work a psychic detective and medium, Sherrie has used her abilities to uncover information in murder and missing person investigations for police departments in several states. The Best of You Today was given the unique opportunity to speak with Sherrie on love, self awareness, and the power of intuition.

BOYT: How did you develop your psychic and intuitive gift?
Sherrie Dillard: Although, as far back as I can remember I had intuitive or psychic ability; it was in my first year of college in a small town in Western Massachusetts that psychic awareness emerged with full force. I had dreams night after night that foretold the following day’s events; minor things like what a friend would be wearing or what would happen in a particular class. I knew, without knowing how I knew, answers to difficult math or science questions. Trust me. This was not due to studying or natural brilliance. I remember sitting in a study hall type area one afternoon and, over the shoulder of a young woman hard at work, I saw a ghost-like woman. I later learned that her mother had died when she was young and realized that she was most likely who I “saw”. All of this was startling and upsetting to me. I needed to understand what was happening and no one seemed to be able to help me. So, I went to California; which, at the time, made perfect sense. After a very long bus ride, I soon found a group of people who held weekly classes in intuitive development. It was in these classes that I learned how to turn my intuition on and off and how to refine the intuitive thoughts, feelings, impressions and sensations into useful information. I have been a professional psychic now for over twenty years and still feel like I am learning and growing.
BOYT: Can you explain what you mean by intuition and does everyone have it?
Sherrie Dillard: The word intuition is derived from the Latin word intuēri, meaning to look in to or contemplate. You could say that intuition is deep awareness, penetrating insight, and a sense of knowing that is not logical or rational. Just as our five senses give us information and help us to define the physical world, our intuition provides us with information about nonphysical energy. Everyone has innate intuitive ability, even if you are not aware of it. In your day-to-day life, your intuition surfaces through your emotions, thoughts, physical body or your spirit essence.
BOYT: How can we develop our intuition and become more sensitive and self-aware through this process?
Sherrie Dillard: Intuition is finely tuned sensitivity and present-time, all-encompassing awareness. It is depth of feeling, refined thought and attunement to our inherent oneness with all of life. We are more than we appear to be. Intuitive perception expands your self-awareness beyond the parameters of the ego. You gain a unique perspective of your innate power and inner wisdom. Once you know yourself in this way, all possibilities come forward and you are forever changed.
BOYT: What are the daily benefits of increasing intuition? Have you noticed a change in your quality of life since further developing your intuitive skills?

Sherrie Dillard: Intuition development provides you with a buffer to life’s ups and downs and challenges. It opens a door to an inner wisdom and love that supports and guides you to your highest good. We can sometimes feel so alone. Day-to-day decisions and choices can feel overwhelming. Intuitive awareness, once developed, can be a reliable and trustworthy guide in all that you confront and in all areas of your life. One of the unexpected gifts that I have received being an intuitive is the abiding sense of connectedness with a higher, wise and loving presence. Willa Cather said, “This is happiness, to be dissolved into something complete and great.”  

BOYT: Why did you write Love and Intuition?
Sherrie Dillard: Although I was aware of my intuitive ability from a young age, I was not so lucky in learning about love and how to create a healthy relationship. My parents divorced when I was young and my father moved out of the area. My mother married and divorced again before I graduated from high school. By my early twenties, I found myself floating down the relationship river with no paddle. After my own divorce, I realized I was missing the obvious and I began to focus my attention on developing a way to use my intuition to its full capacity in my own relationships. When I did this, the results were surprising. My intuition was profoundly effective in helping me to heal my past emotional wounds, transform unsatisfying relationship patterns, and truly know, for maybe the first time, the meaning and power of love. I wanted to share what I learned in my own life and in my many years of working with others. Love and Intuition provides a simple step-by-step format for developing intuitive ability in the vital and often confusing area of love and relationships.
BOYT: Love and Intuition discusses how to create lasting love through psychic ability. How are these two concepts intertwined?
Sherrie Dillard: Lasting love springs from the soul. Soulful love is vibrant life giving vital energy that is everywhere and inherent in all things. This kind of love will never leave you, as it is within you. Intuitive awareness is the ability to tune into nonphysical energy and love is energy. Your intuition can help you to become aware of the depth and expanse of this wise and unconditional love within. This is the kind of love that attracts a soul mate, invigorates and adds passion to an existing relationship and provides comfort when alone. In Love and Intuition, you will discover the connection between the particular way that you innately receive intuitive energy through your thoughts, emotions, physical body or spirit essence and the way that you give and receive love. I call this your intuitive love type.
BOYT: Do you believe a person can have more than one soul mate?
Sherrie Dillard: A soul mate is another to whom you are connected from the depths of your most loving and wise inner self. A soul mate relationship is based on the divine qualities of forgiveness, kindness, trust and unconditional love. However, a soul mate connection does not necessarily mean that your will always have an easy, unproblematic relationship. Because it is based in the soul, the ego, surface personality self will be challenged to transform. We attract a soul mate by consciously living in the energy of our soul. Likes attract likes. The more you embody soul attributes such as forgiveness, unconditional love, kindness, joy and selflessness, the easier it will be to attract a soul mate. I believe that we have an unlimited number of soul mates and any relationship can become a soul mate connection as we evolve to the truth that we are connected to all and everyone. There is an abundance of love just ripe for the picking.
BOYT:   If a person is unable to gain clarity through their own intuition, what should their next step be in their journey? Do you recommend meeting with a psychic to find answers?
Sherrie Dillard: Relationships can send the best of us into emotional chaos and turmoil. Our desires, expectations, unconscious emotional patterns and past experiences can cloud intuitive clarity, much like static on a phone line. However, it is possible to harness the power of emotions for intuitive clarity. I call this psychic emotional intelligence. In the book Love and Intuition there are exercises to assist you in developing this skill. With that said, visiting a trusted psychic counselor can be very helpful in relationship matters. Make sure you work with a psychic that is well versed in this area. In beginning to develop one’s intuition, it is difficult to discern between intuition and random thoughts.
BOYT: How do you choose which advice to follow?
Sherrie Dillard: Distinguishing personal biased thoughts and emotions from clear intuitive information can be challenging. One exercise I recommend, to discern between the two, begins with writing down your question and concern. Then write down what you would like to have happen and all other possibilities that you can think of. After you have exhausted your thoughts and feelings surrounding the question, close your eyes and relax. As much as possible, let go of the outcome. Breathe deeply and imagine that you are lifting the question into a ray of white light. Keep breathing and relaxing and become aware of any impressions, feelings, thoughts or sensations that emerge. Just observe whatever you receive without trying to figure it out. When you experience a calm and tingling sense of knowing, this is a signal to trust the intuitive impressions you are receiving.
BOYT: Lastly, please share the most inspirational piece of advice or wisdom you have received.
Sherrie Dillard: Intuitive insight speaks to the need of the moment. Because intuition reaches into the depths of the soul, a simple intuitive statement can have tremendous power. There is a difference between intellectually knowing something and intuitively knowing the same thing. Intuitive knowing is the soul recognition of truth that can change your life. One of the most profound intuitive insights that I had while writing Love and Intuition was that taking the risk of loving another, even if the relationship is disastrous or unsatisfying, uplifts the positive vibration of the world. The cure and healing of the ills, problems and threats that we face on an individual and global level begins with the simple act of loving self and loving another. Despite our self-centered aims, desires, fears and problems in relationships, loving is the most powerful action that we can ever take for ourselves and the world as a whole.

About Sherrie Dillard

Psychic since childhood, sherrie has been a professional psychic, medium and teacher for over twenty-five years. Drawing from years of empowering others to develop their intuitive ability, Sherrie wrote her first book the best-selling Discover Your Psychic Type, (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2008 to help others better understand and identify their innate intuition. Business Reed Information said of the book:  “Lifelong psychic Dillard (intuition development, Duke Univ.) offers up a genuinely satisfying work on developing psychic abilities well beyond the typical if-I-can-do-it, you-can-too!”


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