Get Over The Darkness – Five Great Ways To Learn How To Get Over Depression

5 Five Great Ways To Learn How To Get Over Depression

Depression is not just some emotional funk that people easily snap out of. For many, it requires long-term counselling and even medication so they can achieve a certain level of normalcy in their lives. There are different kinds of depression, but perhaps the more important thing to establish about it is the fact that it’s not just an emotion—it’s a clinical disease.

Everybody knows the battle of words that Brooke Shields had with Tom Cruise when the latter criticized her decision to take medication for her post-partum depression. A lot of medical experts sided with Shields, of course, but the truth is, people really have different ways of tackling this problem and it’s always hard to dispute all the claims about how effective and successful a particular anti-depression method is, especially if there are people claiming how amazingly it worked for them. But if you wish to deal with your own depression the natural way, consider the following tips on learning how to get over depression provided below.

1.     Top psychiatrists advise journaling. This is very helpful in understanding your thought process and should you decide one day to seek professional help, your journal will provide your psychiatrist important information about your condition.

2.     Meditate. Depression is always compounded by stress so try to find time in your routine to properly breathe in and out, and just free yourself of all the thoughts that have been weighing you down. Like what they always say, “you’ll find no monk in history who had suffered from depression,” and that’s largely because they divert their focus from themselves and instead take their minds to a higher level of awareness where there’s peace and solitude.

3.     Eat right. Most people think that depressed people don’t have an appetite—wrong.  There are depressed people who actually fight their negative emotions by filling themselves up with food. Eating right is known to lower overall anxiety and stimulate the secretion of endorphins, also known as happy hormones.Choose food items that are good for you; research reveals that omega-3 fatty acids abundant in fish like salmon and tuna can help boost serotonin levels (serotonin is an important substance in most anti-depressant drugs). Incorporating these healthy food items in your diet will not only make you stronger and happier but can also prevent other diseases.

4.     Surround yourself with positive people who can help you on your journey to wellness. Being alone can just feed your negative thoughts and feelings, so as much as possible, try to spend time with loved ones who can make you laugh. If you don’t have family and friends who can be with you consistently, sign up for a support group.

5.     Exercise. What better way to feel better about your body than becoming fit and strong? Working out, no matter how physically challenging, is great for releasing those endorphins. So jog in the morning around your neighborhood, or sign up for a yoga class. The important thing is to get out of your nook and get your focus away from yourself.