Radiance Healing and Meditation with Deirdre Hade

Deirdre HadeBOYT: Your story is incredibly inspirational. We are curious to know, were you taught from a young age about energy healing or alternative healing methods?

Deirdre Hade: No, I was not taught at all. I was acutely aware when I was very young that there were different universes and different realities. I came to know and understand these energies and realities. I eventually worked with them when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. In those days, the word energy or energy work was virtually unknown, so we didn't even think of it in our vernacular. We began to pray and worked with light, and that's how it began. 

BOYT: Have you always seen light or did the light appear around the time that you were trying to do the healing with your mom?

Deirdre Hade: When I was very young, I always saw the light. I had my first vision when I was four. I had a vision I was in the forest. I could see all the nature spirits of all the trees and flowers. I thought they were as real as a person. In my first major vision, I saw a cloud open and a truck ran over a tent where my baby brother was sleeping. I immediately ran to that tent and pulled him up. A few minutes later, I saw the trunk running over the tent and hitting the tree where I was standing. My mother ran through the dust and saw me holding my brother. My parents could not believe what had happened. I tried to tell them what had happened and that I had a vision. They could not understand what I was trying to tell them.

BOYT: Why do you feel that prayer and energy healing are so powerful?

Deirdre Hade: Because prayer is a state of devotion, and when we are in devotion, we are deeply seeded in our hearts. Your heart is the central place where we experience what we call "love". Love is the healer. Love is a vibration quality that suppresses all rational thoughts and all intellectual ability to grasp what it is. When you are in this state, your heart opens. You can literally feel your heart opening and softening. So when we work with prayer and energy, we are taking it to the next level and becoming the masters of dominion in our world.

BOYT: For many people that have difficulty to tapping into their inner world, how do you teach the different types of meditation to quiet the mind?

Deirdre Hade: In today's world, we have so much stress upon us: being a mother, a care taker, and a wife. It is very challenging to let the mind rest so that we can tap into that inner source. What I have created are simple 5 minutes meditations which bring you into an altered state. All you have to do is close your eyes and gently watch your breath. Imagine that there is a flame in the center of your heart, like a candle. If you can even do this for 3 minutes, this will give you an opportunity to have a beautiful connection to the inner presence of love of yourself.

BOYT: What type of energy healing do you find most effective?

Deirdre Hade: The energy healing that I have created which I called radiance. This modality of healing encompasses the visualization and the opening of gateways of the different meridian in your body. I used the angel. An angel is like a dew drop of the divine presence of the source of creation. The angels are the fingertips of the hands of God. When I worked with the radiance healing, the angels are always present and we evoked the angels for different situations, where their service can help us.

BOYT: Are there ways that people can learn to connect with the angels and be opened to receiving answers?

Deirdre Hade: The angels are here to serve you and help you. The angels understand the challenges of being a spiritual being in the human experience. We cannot do this role alone. We must call on the help of the celestial beings, angels and the presence of your creation. All you have to do is call an angel. There is angel for every property: healing, intention, balance, relationship, and more. Let's say that you have a child and the both of you are not communicating well. Close your eyes and call to an angel of communication. You will see the energy shifting in your conversation.

BOYT: It's powerful that parents can call on angels for protection. How can a parent begin to explain this concept to their own children and encourage them to be open to receiving advice from their own angels throughout the day?

Deirdre Hade: Next summer, we will have camps for children and their parents to teach them about angels. We will facilitate with the parents and the children on how to speak a spiritual language and to open up to the divine realm of life. Children live so close to the realm of light. Their imaginations are rich; meaning their ability to connect to the light is so powerful. Say to your children, “There is a presence of an angel that is always with you, protecting you and watching over you. Close your eyes and in your eyes, you will see your angel. What do you see?” Your child will have something they see. Children have not fallen into the reality where you and I are in. When they see an angel in their inner mind, that angel is very real to them. They can go to that angel and find comfort.

BOYT: How would you communicate that with an older child?

Deirdre Hade: I would tell my 11 and 13 year olds, “There is a presence that is there for you. Close your eyes and can you imagine in the center of your heart or your brain. Can you see that there is a light inside of you?” They will see it. Tell them that light is the presence of the light within them and their angel. It’s important for children who are 11 to 14 to receive spiritual guidance because they are entering into a world filled with negativities and challenges. We want them to know that there is a place inside that they are completely safe.

BOYT: Do you find it hard for you to connect to your children on a spiritual level?

Deirdre Hade: Yes, we have a hard time connecting because they are already out in the world and growing up. I see myself as their spiritual guide. I would give my son a crystal and say, "Here this is good energy. Hold on to this." And he'll be like "Oh, that's cool." I get a lot of resistance. I recommend parents to put their hands 10 inches away from their child before sleeping and send love to their child.  You are keeping the doorway open to his or her consciousness toward the spirit.

BOYT: You worked with so many people, what has been the most amazing miracle thing that you have witnessed?

Deirdre Hade: It will be hard to pick one, but I saw somebody who was diagnosed with schizophrenia go on to live a healthy life. That person began seeing many different things that no one else could. I worked with him and he was able to lead a normal life. That was a miracle for me.

BOYT: How do you tap into someone’s subconscious mind to help ease their fear, anger, and negative emotions?

Deirdre Hade: I realize that the intellectual mind can only take us so far and then there is a drop box zone. That drop box zone can be very scary and it’s where our subconscious lies. I take you on a path down into your subconscious mind with an angel guide. When this happens, you go into an altered state. You speak, but you feel very elusive. The place you're in is called pure experience. This is where we bring out the anger and trauma. We lift it out of your nervous system and subconscious, and then pour in the divine light for healing. As we do this, I encourage you to ask questions because every experience has a teaching for your awakening.

BOYT: Is your Radiance Healing session open to anyone who is interested in participating or do you have any other programs that are available that can guide them to this healing process?

Deirdre Hade: I have a webinar to work with people and retreats where we work together. I will be doing more and more of that, so I can of service for many people. When we have traumas, they become our stories. My purpose is for us to extract the light in your stories and let the pain just wash away so that you can have that inner freedom.

BOYT: Is there anyone in particular that made a huge impact in your work?

Deirdre Hade: No single person in particular. I feel that there are so many brilliant authors writing books that are just extraordinary and we truly are in the age of enlightenment.  

BOYT: How has your life changed after you recognized your true purpose and calling with energy healing?

Deirdre Hade: There is a book which is called Love for No Reason, written by Marci Shimoff. She writes about me in the book on how to work with love. Every person has a supreme divine purpose. Every person's divine purpose is so important because it creates a healing for our world. When you step into your divine purpose, you know that you are on the ray of your soul. You are participating in the mass expansion of this new age of enlightenment. When I decided to step out of my quiet closet to speak and teach about energy, I was afraid. I thought people will judge me. However, I made a promise to God that I would do this. I'm going to step into my purpose and begin to bring my teachings into the world. My purpose is to inspire the world and guide them through pathway of spiritual growth and spirital development.

BOYT: When you meditate and you hear a voice, how do you know if it’s God’s voice?

DH: We all have many voices inside of us. There can be confusions about a voice and where it came from. I say, listen to any voice that is speaking about healing and goodness. If you listen to that, whether it’s the ego or God, you're on the right track.

About Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Mystic and Visionary Leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions, and the founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation™. After her mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer when Deirdre was just 15, Deirdre, with her mother, began developing a method of energy work to assist her mother. At this time, she was given an original first copy of "A Course in Miracles" and began studying the text in earnest. Her mother lived 14 years longer than was thought possible. Deirdre is a leader in the "Great American Awakening" movement, and teaches enlightenment.

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