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Profound JoyBOYT: What was your inspiration to write Living Ecstasy?

Satyen Raja:  I had discovered in my own life ways to have living and being in joy, truth, authenticity and ecstasy consistently.  Living Ecstasy is the essence of my own personal practices, insights, and learnings over the years.

BOYT: Why as a society are we so far and disconnected from our purest being of happiness, joy, and love?

Satyen Raja: Because we’re raised in a society where the superficial things of life are valued more than the essence of life.  And that cultural, societal, and familial programming becomes our default operating system with limited returns and excessive promises.

BOYT: Do you find that often times we make situations and life much more difficult than they need to be? If so, why?

Satyen Raja: Absolutely and the reason is because many people don’t have an operating model that’s in harmony with nature, and our natural human drives.  We’re untrained and underequipped and we have very few role models to deal with the challenges of life in a creative and empowering way.

BOYT: Have you found that some of the happiest people actually don’t feel the need to conform to society’s pressures and expectations? What are traits of those that you know who are “Living Ecstasy”?

Satyen Raja: The happiest people who are living ecstasy are the ones who first of all know, unequivocally, who they are at their core.  They know their biggest reasons for living and their biggest why for being here.  They’ve gone through the investigations and perhaps turmoil of finding out who they are rather than who they thought they were, and they aligned their life to be congruent to expressing their true self rather than their conditioned self.  People living in ecstasy have moved through the natural stages of “me oriented” way of life to a “we oriented” way of life, and the ones who have really broken through and are embodying ecstasy fully are the ones who have moved beyond me and we to having a life which is something greater than me and we.  In other words, they take into account love, care, contribution and action— the biggest picture possible.

BOYT: It seems that in happy moments all is well in the world. But when things begin to get chaotic or stressful, all the self-development and enthusiasm goes out the window and the subconscious begins to kick-in. How can we remain in a state of happiness regardless of outside influence?

Satyen Raja: The number one way is to have a circle of positive influence that holds you accountable to living and expressing the depth and full capacity of your being, regardless of the stresses and challenges one faces.  In this having a powerful environment, a circle of friends, colleagues, and mentors call you to live your highest principles, especially in the midst of anything that could rattle you is of prime importance.  That way you are less likely to slip backwards into habituated reactions because you know and have support from your powerful environment of intentional leaders.

BOYT: What part does ego play in our ability to be happy?

Satyen Raja: Distinct from many traditions, I don’t believe we have an ego. I think the ego is an easy replacement or scapegoat for older forms of vilification and blame, such as sin and demons, etc. My experience is that there is only us.  And that we are in a constant state of conscious choice.  And that all that we have done and that we continue to do is coming from ourselves and not from the so-called two parts of ourselves, the ego part and the ”higher self”. It’s quite the sobering responsibility to embrace—there aren’t multiple selves inside yourself and that there is only you, who is free to choose or deny what you know is best and most fruitful in your thoughts, feelings and actions. For me the concept of ego is another long-winded sidetrack to facing the power of our real ability to create with presence and consciousness.  There’s no ego to blame or to pin on for your shortcomings, there’s only honest revealing, clarity and depth of character to develop.

BOYT: What part does surrender play in our ability to live in ecstasy?

Satyen Raja:  Surrender to me means putting all your efforts into an intention absolutely, so much so that the energy and the effort is fulfilling and satisfying in itself.  Many of the most noble efforts and intentions have not been realized, even by the greatest of us, and yet, that hasn’t dissuaded the greatest of us to continue the offering our gifts and abilities.  True surrender is earned through the giving of 100% effort to a clear intention. When you do this truly then surrender is the next natural arising that comes forth and is a form of strength in letting go.  Profound surrender is knowing that regardless of the outcome you wish to see occur, you are fulfilled in the giving.

BOYT: What are daily practices to encourage connection to your purpose?

Satyen Raja: Your true purpose is found by asking yourself this: “What is the effect I need to see in others that if I knew I was the catalyst in creating it, I could say, wow, I can die now on the spot, complete?” Find out what really turns you on in turning others on, and that will lead you to your real purpose. Ask this question with burning honesty and with a zest and zeal to be this catalyst from your own passions, skills and talents. Ask yourself daily, “What must I do to die complete today?” knowing that you’ve given all the love and freedom you can give and then set out to inspire others, putting aside all wincing, whining, complaining, and any other restrictive thoughts or feelings. 

BOYT: Lastly, what is the biggest change a person can make today to make a shift in happiness?

Satyen Raja: The biggest shift you can make today is asking the question above with real intent.  And then part two is asking yourself, “What am I tolerating in my life that’s not letting me live this way?” The tolerating piece is important. My experience is that we tolerate far too many distractions, excuses, people and circumstances in our environment and just about everything else you can think of (that you think is unique only to you but isn’t!) and we become complacent.  Start today by becoming intolerant of what you’ve been tolerating. Let yourself get annoyed, irritated and even angered by playing small, reserved and perhaps fearful.   Let your anger, frustration and agitation stir you to pull your head out of the sand and irritate you to be the catalyst that gives fully today. Without holding back.

Satyen Raja

About Satyen Raja

Satyen Raja was born in Uganda, Africa to parents who had made their way from India. He spent several years of his childhood in England before his family finally settled in Canada. Black belt, entrepreneur, author, trainer, iconoclast, visionary, and life-architect are just a few of the words that describe Satyen. With 30 years as a teacher in multiple disciplines from around the world, Satyen gleans the essence of any given wisdom and distills it down to its very workable essence.

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