Does Your Emotional Healing Take Longer Than it Should?

Energy HealingBOYT: What was your inspiration after working as an Energy Healer to write your book Engaging Your Power?

Mary Ann Robbat: I had been working for about ten years as an energy healer and was noticing how some people healed so quickly or shifted their lives so fast, and for others, it took a lot of work. I started to notice what was creating quick and impactful change in some people's lives and what was hindering people from healing. What I learned, I wanted to share. At the same time, I had a lot of clients asking me how to do certain processes, so I decided to write down the important energy healing processes. Of course, I needed a framework to put them together, thus the book.

BOYT: Energy within the universe, people, and within us is something commonly mentioned but can be interpreted differently. How would you define “energy” within the context mentioned in your book?

Mary Ann Robbat: I also use three different levels to describe energy, and this is in no way a complete guide to energy within our universe and bodies. However, for the purpose of this book, I have distilled the Energy System into three primary subsystems: the Spiritual Energy Field, the Life Force Energy Field, and the Identity Energy Field. I show people simple exercises they can do to learn how to work with each of these three energy fields.

The Spiritual Energy Field is the energy connected to your soul, the energetic field that holds the purpose of your life. The Life Force Energy Field is the energy that keeps us alive and well, also known as your aura. The Identity Energy Field resides inside your physical body. The chakra system, which is a Hindu energy system, is the system I talk about within the body, and comprises seven primary energy centers. Each of these centers represents certain types of energy. For instance, the heart center is the energy that gives us our ability to give and receive love. If you had traumatic experiences in our childhood around giving or receiving love—this can be anything from not receiving love as a child to not getting love in the way you needed to receive it—you would have some energy blocks, which are repressed memories or unconscious beliefs that drive you to act a certain way in life.

BOYT: Your book guides the reader in making lasting change by addressing the subconscious. What is the process for recognizing the patterns of negative thoughts and behaviors to begin to work through them?

Mary Ann Robbat: The easiest process is to begin to notice where you are not living or receiving what you desire in life. For instance, if you desire a loving relationship, but you can't seem to attract one to you, I would say you must have some unconscious beliefs around loving relationships. If you were conscious about your beliefs, it would be easy for you to change them. However, when we don't have a handle on what we truly believe at our core, it becomes hard to change our patterns or what we attract in our lives.

BOYT: How do subconscious beliefs manifest themselves in our lives unknowingly?

Mary Ann Robbat: Our beliefs drive everything that we are able to accomplish and have. So if we are not clear on or are oblivious to some beliefs, these beliefs may be running our lives in a way we don't want. For instance, my parents always told me I had to work hard to make a lot of money. All my life I worked hard to make a lot of money. After about 20 years in the workforce, I began to notice many people who were successful and maybe weren't working so hard. I began to explore my beliefs about work. When I began to write down phrases of what I heard at home when I was a kid, the phrase popped up in my mind. I had to work hard. I began to change my relationship with work, but affirming for myself that I was successful at work while only working 40 hours a week. After a while I began to notice I was cutting down on my hours at work and still being successful. This is when I began to have fun with what I affirmed for work. Now I believe, and affirm, that I can make a lot of money working 20 hours a week. And it works!

BOYT: You mention that “manifesting” requires one to be open to receiving. A subconscious belief system is heavily tied to our ability to manifest what we desire. How can one begin to recognize that their subconscious isn’t in alignment with their desires and therefore cannot manifest? What steps can a person take to clearly identify their belief system and set their life up in accordance with these beliefs?

Mary Ann Robbat: First, you want to identify what it is you truly desire in life. Not only what you want to do, but also how you want to "be" in life. Once you have this list, begin to affirm it every day. As the days and weeks go by, notice what you are able to bring in. Once you become aware of what you can't bring in, begin by exploring your conscious beliefs around the area. Then journal about what your family beliefs or cultural beliefs are. You will be surprised by the list. We take on a lot of beliefs when we are young and we don't know how they are going to impact us. Once you have your list of beliefs, you must think about negative experiences you might have had around these different beliefs. Once you identify the negative experiences, you can find the corresponding energy in your body and work to release their energy. In my book, Engaging Your Power, I present more than ten different types of energy-releasing techniques. It is important to find the techniques that work best for you to release the energy. Once you have released the energy you can now begin to visualize what you want. You can create affirmations for yourself to consistently bring in what you desire. Most importantly, begin to look for proof of what is showing up for you that is affirming what you desire.

BOYT: What happens energetically when you begin manifesting your desires? Does everything become much clearer?

Mary Ann Robbat: Happiness begins to happen. When you release energy and really focus on what you desire, you allow yourself to truly breathe in and live life. Your level of happiness and self-confidence, along with the feeling that all is well with the world, will increase ten-fold. People who are living their lives and manifesting what they desire tend to have an energy, focus, and passion for their lives.

BOYT: What are steps that a person can take to identify and stay connected to their soul’s passion and purpose in life?

Mary Ann Robbat: Some people are lucky and truly know their soul's purpose and what they are passionate about. If so, they can set intentions on what they want for the coming year. Intentions are so powerful, because you are saying to the universe: This is what I want. I love to begin my year (usually in September) by creating my intentions of what I would love to have in my life, how I want to be in my life, and what types of things I want to bring into my life. I write down everything I can think of around the different life areas—career, family, health, money, etc. I usually create an intention board. I cut out pictures and write statements for myself. I leave this board in a place I can see every day. When I am brushing my teeth I am reaffirming to myself what is on my intention board. This keeps the energy aligned to what I want.

If you are not so lucky and don't know what your soul's purpose or your passion is about, there is a great process I use to help my clients come up with it. It is about going back in time and looking at all the times in your life when you felt fulfilled and happy. Explore what you were doing during these times. Make a list of what you were doing and how you were doing it. From this list, you begin to see the words that keep repeating themselves over and over again. For instance, when I did this I noticed the word create or creating was in almost everything that made me feel fulfilled. So one of the things I discovered for myself is how important it is for me to always be in a creative process.

BOYT: Lastly, if there was one piece of advice or information that you wish for people to take from your book and implement into their lives, what would it be?

Mary Ann Robbat: In order to create a truly fulfilling and powerful life, you have to look at and work with all three systems: your energy, your belief, and your manifestation systems. You can be great at creating affirmations. However, if your beliefs don't line up, you can create affirmations all day long and not get what you want. It truly can be empowering and also fun to finally look at all these systems working together to have the life you want to live.

About Mary Ann Robbat

Mary Ann Robbat

Mary Ann Robbat worked in the high-tech sector for twenty years in different roles that were primarily focused on enabling people and businesses to see and realize their full potential. Now she is a widely esteemed energy healer, shaman, and coach, and runs the Robbat Center for Advancement of Energy Healing, which trains people in energy-based healing modalities. Her forthcoming book is Engaging Your Power, which presents a step-by-step way to achieve the life you want.

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