Do You Find it Difficult to Be Present? Great Advice for Getting, and Staying in the Moment

Women MeditatingBOYT: Please explain how you define consciousness, this term is often used but also often misunderstood.

Ivan Rados: Consciousness cannot be defined, it has never been defined and it will never be defined. To define something you have to create a distance, you need to stand out of it; you need a space between definer and defined. How can you define yourself? If you are outside of yourself, who is there to define it? Everything else can be defined, watched, observed, experimented, moved, dissected, but not the definer, because everything else is before consciousness. Who will define consciousness? Consciousness is you. It is mystery not to be known, but to be lived. You can know outside, but you can never know inside—because you are already there, melted in oneness with the essence of you.

This is the paradox: those who claim to know the consciousness are unconscious, and those who come to a point where they don’t know the consciousness are conscious. If you say, “I am conscious,” then the question arises, “Conscious about what?” Consciousness has no idea of “I” or “Me”; it has no personality, no ego, no idea of one’s separation from the wholeness. It is one with the existence. It is flowing into the wholeness, and the wholeness is flowing into the one. Consciousness is a process, a flow like breathing—when you breathe in, the whole enters in you, when you breathe out, you enter the whole.

When we think about consciousness we usually think about the mind. The mind is not consciousness. The mind is using consciousness for its own existence. So, the mind cannot exist without consciousness, but consciousness IS the existence. Consciousness without thinking is awareness, or what I like calling it, The Infinite Consciousness. It is awareness that YOU ARE—whole, wholly, present, alive and infinite. It is not a thought; it is alertness without the thought. It is the essence of ALL THAT IS. What is IS at this moment of NOW. So, the moment of NOW is consciousness. Be in the moment and you are with it, you are IT.

BOYT: Many people hope to achieve a constant state of divine being, presence, consciousness but struggle. How does one achieve this state of being?

Ivan Rados: When you identify with outside, accidental reality you have to struggle. So, from where is the struggle coming from? It is from the mind trying to achieve divine. The divine state of being is not an achievement, divine is already in you, it is you. You have to be conscious of it in order to be it. You have to be present in the moment of NOW to be the moment of NOW. There is no separation from you and the divine moment of NOW. It is available always; any time and yet timeless, any space and yet spaceless. Just a glimpse of the consciousness, a tiny fraction of awareness that you are as you are, relaxed and present with the essence, and the moment of NOW opens itself in you. In order to achieve that state of being, you have to totally trust “unknown”, with witnessing. Consciousness is the process of witnessing WHAT IS. Consciousness is the essential reality expressed in your individual reality. We have to be an individual witnessing, conscious of everything in order to be the essential reality. When there is nothing to witness anymore and only consciousness remains, conscious of itself, we become the whole. To achieve that infinite state of being, hope, belief, conflict or any doing will not you get you there; on the contrary, it will take you further and further from the essence of you. Only through witnessing responsiveness to each moment do you recognize your connection with the essence of What Is.

Consciousness is the essential reality. The mind is accidental reality. In accidental reality you have to doubt. In essential reality you have to trust. Doubting is the non-surrendering attitude—the attitude of judgments, conflict, fight, struggle. When the divine state of being becomes a hope, belief or a goal, you enter the conflict, suffering and struggle; you become the conflict, suffering and struggle.

Divine state of being is already the essence of WHAT IS. The immediate portal to it is surrender. What to surrender? You can’t surrender One Self to it because you are it. Divine is you forever, you are just not aware of it. You cannot surrender the essence, but you can surrender everything that is not yours, everything you identify and attached yourself with, your mind, your body, your beliefs, your knowledge your possessiveness, your unconsciousness. Surrendering means to be conscious of your unconsciousness. When everything becomes consciousness you attain unattainable

BOYT: Are there people who, no matter what they do or try, cannot truly connect with a higher being or state of consciousness? If so, why?

Ivan Rados: We are all deciding what to experience, even if that experience is constant failures.  There are always valuable lessons in everything we experience. The failure to connect to the infinite being is not a failure; it is a process of expansion. It is like expanding intelligence infinitely. There is no status quo in existence. And another point, there is no backward movement. There is only forward. The wholeness is the infinite expansion in itself.

The failure might look like a deep suffering, but when you look from infinite perception, it all makes perfect sense. There is no non-sense in existence; everything is for a reason. What is the reason? I don’t know! It is not my individual reality. We all individually have infinite possibilities within us, and we can change our experience any moment of our inner decision. That is the power we all have. There is a saying: “God loves you infinitely. Out of God’s love you are free to choose anything you like. Your choice will be God’s command.”

What I know in my own experience of being in failure, of not connecting to my being, is my struggle and work to connect to it. It was my doing that kept me from my infinite being, creating conflict, struggle and frustration. What changed my approach was the non-doing act of The Middle Way. Non-doing act is watchful consciousness, or witnessing consciousness. Watchfulness is the greatest spiritual key to enlightenment. The deeper your watchfulness becomes, the deeper your connection with your awareness becomes.

Witnessing involves the present moment, right now and here. Whether you are at work, at home, shopping, on vacation, you carry that moment with you. Whatever you are doing, it is your mind that is doing it, not you. Your mind is your “doing, and every “doing” is always external and bombarded by thousands and thousands of sensual distractions. The present moment of now contains your “being.” This is always internal and filled with undisturbed stillness and calmness. It is non-temporal, non-local, non-spatial flowing. It is witnessing watchfulness.

Watch with awareness the entirety of a situation. Whatever is happening, or whatever you are doing, just be in alertness, in undistracted silence. Do not become preoccupied by expectations; nobody can predict outcomes, since ultimately outcomes are static and cannot exist. Do not participate in your observations. Through watchfulness, you will automatically go beyond polarities and be in witnessing. If you spread watchfulness throughout your day, a new consciousness will arise, and the Whole will rejoice.

Watch every act you do, every breath you take in and out, every thought that passes in your mind, every emotion that surfaces out of your darkness, every sentiment and reaction to things, every desire that takes possession of you, every gestures you body—walking, talking, eating. Move in your life continuously watchful. Watch outside passing phenomena, anything that comes and goes. Create the opportunity for everything to be watched. Watch everything. The whole point is not to get attached in what you are watching. When you are attached to what you are watching, the mind takes possession of you projecting a failure and the sense of guilt, which is the greatest obstacle to meditation.

If you forget your watchfulness, don’t become miserable or with guilt. Remember, it is natural. The moment you remember, again watch. When you watch, clarity arises, and out of your clarity gracefulness arises. With watchfulness the energy is not going to the mind and its thoughts. The mind is becoming less stable, less concrete, and more transparent. As the thoughts start disappearing, the clarity arises. The mind becomes no-mind. It becomes a mirror of what is.

About Ivan Rados

Ivan Rados

A true master of both himself and his life, Ivan asserts that he heals no one but simply helps people heal themselves through the power of Infinite Consciousness. His journey reads like a book of miracles, which he modestly labels "ordinarinesses.” Ivan is aligned with no particular healing methodology, spiritual movement, or tradition. The wisdom he shares comes from his deep roots in the One-Self, the source of everything.

Ivan is author of “Health It’s All About Consciousness”, “Transform Your life Through Sacred Geometry”, and “Create Yourself”.

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Ivan lived in England and moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 2001. He now travels extensively, sharing his insights around the world, facilitating classes, seminars, and retreats.

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