Are You Intuitive? Our Fascinating Interview with Sonia Choquette

The Psychic PathwayBOYT: We had the opportunity to see you speak at the “I Can Do It” seminar last year. During your presentation, the energy in the room was electric. You really connected with the audience. Do you feel the vibrations in a room when you’re speaking to large groups of people?

Sonia Choquette: All of us are messengers with different missions, leading to the same ultimate goal of activating and raising vibration and helping people move to a higher state of consciousness and quality of life. My personal mission and talent and means of communicating is that I am an alchemist, and I actually create the vibration for people to experience, that people speak about. In my workshop, people actually make direct contact with the experience and the energy of their spirit, of their higher self, of their guides, of their soul, of their joy, of their healing frequency. For many, it’s something that’s been long forgotten or never experienced. The books and the tools that I offer then entrain the intellect to cooperate and work with the spirit, rather than fight it so that you can sustain this frequency; this more expanded, intuitive, joyful, creative, synchronistic way of life. That is possible. I actually say, “Okay, I’m going to throw you in the pool. You’re going to learn how to swim. Then I’m going to give you all these tools so you become a fantastic swimmer.”
BOYT: You mention in your workshop that you create this “vibration”. How do you go about doing that with someone?
Sonia Choquette: Well, part of it is that I personally work so much out of the heart chakra that I have a vibration that emanates from me that is very powerful. That vibration is so strong, and it’s love. By entrainment, people feel that vibration and start vibrating at that same frequency.
BOYT: At what age did you notice that you connected with people in this way?
Sonia Choquette: Well, that’s a question I’m frequently asked, and the answer is – I have no experience of not being in this vibration. It’s like a little kid who sits at a piano and plays the music. But with years and years it gets better and better. That is really how it’s been for me. I have never had this frequency unavailable. This is part of me that I feel is a part of everybody. I have lived in this heart frequency with passion and devotion and earnestness as my most important element. My whole life and my goal and my life’s work has been to activate that frequency in other people so that they too can be in a state of flow, and a state of peace and creativity and fearlessness. So, it just got stronger with practice.
BOYT: Because you are so conscious and so sensitive to energy, how do you protect yourself when you walk into a room and you’re soaking in so much? How do you protect yourself so that you don’t feel the negativity that some other person near you is feeling?
Sonia Choquette: Well, I don’t ever feel this need at any point, on any level, to protect myself from anyone. Negativity is a condition of the mind. I live and operate on the frequency of the spirit. The mind is like being on AM radio, and I’m on satellite. I don’t engage with the mind. I understand when people come at me with negativity and fear that it is just a fear. It’s not personal. I’m coming at them, connecting to their spirit. For example, I had a funny experience two weeks ago. It was in New York City. I was on my way to teach a group of people and I met a man at the elevator. He had a badge on, so I could tell he was going to the conference. My name was on it, which meant that he was going to my classroom. I said, “I see you’re coming to my class. It’s nice to meet you.” We shook hands, and he said, “Yeah, this is my third year here. I saw so-and-so last year, and someone else the year before. I just hated it afterward, so I’m just here to hate you this year.” I just burst out laughing. I said, “I’m so sorry.” He said, “I was disappointed because nothing changed.” I said, “I know why nothing changed. I’m happy you’re here, so let’s decide if you hate me at the end of the day. Let’s just go and enjoy each other or tolerate each other--whichever it happens to be.” I wasn’t wounded. I understood that he did not find his spirit, and he was so disappointed. I knew that. I knew exactly what he was there for, and he got exactly what he was looking for. He found his spirit that day. He skipped on the way out. He gave me a big hug. I don’t feel the need to protect because you don’t engage people at that level of ego to ego. If I would be hurt or wounded, it would be my ego. The spirit cannot be wounded. People who are in a wounded state need love. I’m not afraid of people’s wounds.
BOYT: You discuss angels in your book and the importance of asking them for your heart’s desires. For a person who asks and is open to receiving, is there a reason we aren’t always given what we ask for?
Sonia Choquette: What you want to know is that the universe operates in the highest order. It is conspiring for your greatest good, beyond what your immediate conscious mind may recognize. For example, perhaps I ask for a parking space and yet the person right in front of me gets it before I do. I have to concede that the universe is in service to a more urgent need. In fact, I had that very experience where I was going to the grocery store and was in the parking lot of a heavily, heavily crowded Whole Foods. I said, “Okay, I really just want to get in and out.” A woman zipped right in front of me and grabbed the space that my guides had opened for me. So I rolled down the window and I was really debating whether to say, “Excuse me, that was mine,” when she said, “Thank you. Thank you. I am in a hurry. My cat is sick. I need some medicine. They carry it here. Please understand. Thank you.” I thought, “Okay, and thank you, guides, for helping me be of service. I didn’t even know I could be today.” We have to sometimes step back and know that though the universe truly wants us to have the most joyful experience, sometimes how it unfolds is better on a soul level than the experience that we are asking for from our most immediate ego perspective.
BOYT: If that is the case – how about with death? Let’s say that the universe has a greater plan for us, and what our guides do is for the best – how do you explain this to a mom who loses a child or woman who loses her spouse?
Sonia Choquette: We just have to understand that though it’s painful, it is not necessarily the worst thing that could happen in the respective terms of the eternal soul. For example, I have a client who had twins and one got meningitis and died. It was devastating. It hurt everybody. And yet, that child that died had always been a child that spoke about angels, spoke about spirits, spoke about wonderful, beautiful things. But the rest of the family was somewhat uninterested, very cynical, didn’t really give it importance, laughed at her at times. So her soul exited, and their tremendous loss was also t
he activation of their eternal souls’ consciousness being able to grow. So we just can’t look at things from the most mundane and most immediate level. Life is going to incur loss. The human experience is temporary. We cannot base our judgments simply on keeping the human experience indefinite and pain-free. That is not possible. It is a temporary journey. But if we make the goal of our experience to emphasize what is permanent, which is our spiritual love, our spiritual awareness, our awakening to our eternal self – then all these things fall into place. All these things begin to make sense, and we begin to understand at the deepest level. I had an experience 18 months ago where my beloved brother, who was just nine months older than me, suddenly died in his sleep. It was tragic. It was like, “What?” To make matters worse, it was such a shock that my father, who had never been sick a day in his life, died six weeks later of grief. It was like a double train wreck. It was very hard on my ego, on my mother, on my family to say, “Come on! Come on! What is this?” But in retrospect, our entire family has grown, and we recognize we have to live at a spiritual level and nothing less is acceptable. As painful as it’s been, it has matured all of us greatly; and for that I am grateful to my father and my brother.
BOYT: Would you say that was one of your greatest life lessons?
Sonia Choquette: I would say it was probably the most painful and most personal life lesson I’ve had. Not only my personal loss, it devastated my mom. It killed the family as we know it. It was just a train wreck all the way around. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
BOYT: Well, that’s amazing you say that. That you’re conscious enough to look back and say you wouldn’t change it. I think I remember you telling us that you’re a mom and you’re married. How do you teach these things to your child?
Sonia Choquette: I have two daughters. They’re both adults now. They have both been absolutely raised in an environment and consciousness that life is not about controlling the external, but instead by absolutely following and honoring the spirit within. I have one who’s graduating from college this next week and beginning her adult life. She’s already an intuitive coach and wants to devote her life to teaching teenager where there is the need for spiritual awakening to occur. It’s such a sad period in so many teenagers’ lives. I have another one. They’re both doing intuitive guidance work. One is already in the process of writing a book for younger people. The other works with parents, teaching them how to work with their children when they’re very, very young. For my daughters, this is the only way to live.
BOYT: For a person who has a spouse or partner who is struggling and seeking to be more conscious, what advice can you offer about ways to be supportive and encourage the development of consciousness?
Sonia Choquette: First of all, I’ve actually written a book exactly about this called, “The Intuitive Spark.” “The Intuitive Spark” is nurturing intuiting in your child, your family and you. I talk about what I call the polarized family. It’s mostly a polarized condition out there. One is the gas, one is the brakes. One is all for spirituality, the other one is very conservative. You have to understand that for those in resistance – it’s their protective instincts. They get scared of change, of the unknown, lack of control. Rather than make them wrong, you engage them by playing games. One of my favorite games to play is “I Wonder.” “I wonder who’s going to win the playoffs. I wonder what the weather’s going to be like tomorrow. I wonder where our parking space is.” You engage them through humor and play, versus going at them, saying, “You’re so bi-sensory.” That’s not going to win anybody’s confidence or gain their trust. They’re just scared. You have to understand their resistance is fear and that their sense of protection is to be in control. To open up to intuition feels like they’re surrendering control, so you have to seduce them with humor, playfulness.
BOYT:  Do you feel a strong vibration from everyone around you? Strangers for example – do you ever encounter people that have such a strong vibration that you feel the need to interact with them or tell them what you’re feeling or sensing?
Sonia Choquette: Absolutely not, and I think it’s an utter violation of another person’s boundaries. I feel like unwanted advice, unasked for, unsolicited is unwanted. It’s absolutely a violation. I work strictly by attraction. On occasion, I can see that someone is having a really dark moment; they’re in a severe depression. I can see people suffering. What I will do is catch their eyes, give them a genuine heart-to-heart smile and say something really kind to try to help them get back to what is beautiful about them. I definitely work in a stealth way.
BOYT: How do you stay grounded and recharged given a demanding schedule and profession?
Sonia Choquette: I have a very high level of self-care and a very well-developed inner child. I sing a lot. I dance a lot. I move a lot. I watch funny movies. I read silly books. I absolutely celebrate and have at least one or two days a week where I go out with friends. We just go, and we don’t talk about problems. We talk about food and movies and go on bike rides. It’s like Mother Teresa would make the women who worked in her camp play every day for an hour. I really learned that when I was about 13 years old. I really play every day for about an hour. If you see me in my workshop, I’m very playful. I love people. I love to play with people. I have the gift of bringing out the child in others. So work, in many ways for me, is just a lot of fun.
BOYT: If you don’t mind me asking, was your mom very intuitive, like you?
Sonia Choquette: My mom is 1000-percent intuitive. My mother lost her family during the war when she was 12 years old. She was in a prisoner-of-war camp, suffered tremendous trauma, lost her hearing – so I grew up with a mother with no sense of hearing. She married my father at 15 and came to America. She was completely thrown into a new universe. So she relied on her sixth sense, her vibes. She trained us to do the same. In our world, the sixth sense was the first sense and the most important. She has been an incredible role model. She teaches a course in miracles. She is a tremendous artist and creative. Her life motto for us was, “There’s always a solution, and if you follow your heart and listen to your spirit, you’ll find the solution.” She was the role model. She was the example.
BOYT: In your industry, who do you look up to?
Sonia Choquette: My mom’s alive, so she’s still a very big role model. I am very inspired by a man named Michael Brown, who’s a South African and has written a lot on breath work. I feel that his work is extraordinarily powerful. I am inspired by Julia Cameron, who wrote “The Artist’s Way” and many other books. She gave me the gift of writing by witnessing the writer in me and taught me how to see myself in creative terms. She’s a great inspiration. I am inspired by people who chant, Chrisna Das and Deva Premal. These are a heavy Indian influence, but I also love Indian chant as a way of connecting to spirits. I am inspired by a man named Hazrat Iniat Khan. He writes about spiritual psychology and is brilliant, just brilliant. I am inspired by a man named Anthony Demello, who is a Catholic priest who went to India and became a mystic. He’s just so intelligent and witty and fun. Those are just some of the people. And I’m inspired by “30 Rock.” I love humor. I have to get a dose of some incredible laughter every day.
BOYT: If there was advice you could give to women – our readers – what would that advice be?
Sonia Choquette: I have two pieces of advice: Don’t say no when you mean yes, and don’t say yes when you mean no. It’s really important. The second is having the courage to trust your vibes and act on them.
BOYT: That’s a very difficult one. As women, we have that strong intuition.

Sonia Choquette: I think that we have been through the patriarchal conditioning of the world, taught to give up our power and surrender it to outside forces, which is a catastrophic choice. Have the courage. Find the courage to trust your vibes.

BOYT: What’s been the most fascinating thing that has happened to you in the course of your career?
Sonia Choquette: I am blessed regularly with emails and letters from people whom I’ve never met, who have said that I have really changed their lives. You just don’t know the degree to which you impact the world. An open heart and a kind smile and love really do make a difference. I was giving a book talk in Chicago on Michigan Avenue at Borders Books. It was a small group during an earlier phase in my career. I don’t know if I had 20 people there. There was a man who walked to the back of the room and stood way back by the bookshelves. He didn’t join in the chairs. He seemed very agitated. I could tell by the look on his face that he was in a very dark place. He walked away, and then he came back. He looked and he listened for a few minutes, and he walked away. And he came back and looked and listened – he did this half a dozen times. He came at one point, and I looked him right in the eyes and said, “Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is look someone right in the eye and say, ‘I see you. I love you. I am graced and honored by your presence.’” He looked shocked. Then he left immediately after that. I had no idea who he was. I had no idea what his story was. He never committed. He didn’t want a book. He left. But a month later, I got a letter. It came to my office, and it said, “You don’t know me, but I saw you at a book talk and you looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I’m honored and graced by your presence.’ I was going to commit suicide that night. I walked into the bookstore – I don’t know why. That was my plan, and when you said that, it changed my mind. Now I’m in therapy and seeking spiritual counseling and I just want to thank you.” I have never met him, but I keep that letter. I think you never know, you don’t know the power of witnessing a person in truth and dignifying them and blessing them. There’s holiness in them. That really made a difference. It started out as a difficult experience: My ego was chewed. There were only 20 people at my book signing, and I was just treading water and making no difference. Who cares anyway? And it was embarrassing. To be talking in a bookstore is very hard. People come and go and get up in the middle of your talk and walk away and the loudspeaker goes on and off. And that changed my life and said, “Sonia, don’t care what’s going on as far as your ego goes. You don’t know.
You’re in service. Remember, you’re just here to be in service. Do not ever put your ego ahead of your mission.” That, I would say, was probably one of the most defining experiences for me of whether I’m talking to one or 100, it doesn’t matter. Just bring my whole heart, and that is all I can do and all I’ll ever be concerned with.
BOYT: Do you believe in accidents, or do you believe …
Sonia Choquette: No. I believe in convergences. I believe in synchronicities. I believe in opportunities. But I don’t believe that anything is random.
BOYT: Like that man was supposed to be there at that particular moment.
Sonia Choquette: Right. His guardian angel steered him in to have one last – to be introduced to whatever I was saying. I don’t think he hear
d what I was saying, but I know I looked him right in the eye and said that. Why did I say that? I never plan anything when I speak. It comes in the moment. I believe it didn’t matter whether people bought books that night. All that mattered is that we had that moment.
BOYT: You just touched on the idea of the moment for which you don’t prepare until you’re in that moment. How do you know when you’re in that moment if it’s not coming from your mind? How do you know that you’re truly coming from that vibration?
Sonia Choquette: People know because when you’re in your head, you’re not present to what’s in front of you. When you’re in your head, you’re not seeing the people. You’re not feeling the people. You’re not connecting to the immediate circumstances. You’re not even in the room. I never prepare a talk. I don’t know whom I’m talking to until I’m in the room. Then I stream from the spirits. I absolutely trust that my guides will give the words. In fact, if I were to go in with something on my mind, I would be so horribly, miserably bad at it. I wouldn’t be able to stand myself.
BOYT: If one is open to vibrations and open to intuition, how can they develop the ability to trust themselves and tap into more of what their instinct is telling them and really trust that?
Sonia Choquette: The simplest advice that I can give you is that if you name it, you claim it. So every time you get a gut feeling, a hunch, an “aha” – simply speak it out. Get it out of your brain, and put it in the world. From that place, you can then make a choice. But once you hear the sound of your own voice speaking the truth of your intuitive heart, it’s very hard to ignore. It’s easy to ignore when you keep it in your head. Speak it out. When you name it, you claim it. It becomes very exciting.
BOYT: Are you currently taking clients? Do you do phone appointments?
Sonia Choquette: I do phone appointments, and I’ll always take clients. What I love the most is my one-on-one connections with people. I don’t want to give that up. I love staying connected to what is really going on in this world with people in present time. So people can book an appointment on my website by going to
BOYT: For people who aren’t in the Chicago area, and aren’t able to see you face to face...
Sonia Choquette: I only work by phone, and it’s because I only work by vibrations. I don’t work by appearance. I just need your vibration. People get to stay at home, be in their own comfort, relax. They don’t have to get all stressed out. Come and see me in a workshop, but for a personal reading just pick up the phone and we will have a great experience.
BOYT: If you wouldn’t mind, please tell our readers something that they may be surprised to know about you.
Sonia Choquette: One of my favorite things to read on airplanes is National Enquirer because it’s so ridiculous. But I read it, and I’m so entertained. That’s one thing. I also love – absolutely love – adventure. The more radical, the more I’m the first one. I leap, then look.

About Sonia Choquette

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Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned author, storyteller, vibrational healer, and six-sensory spiritual teacher in international demand for her guidance, wisdom, and capacity to heal the soul. She’s the author of several best-selling books, including Ask Your Guides, Trust Your Vibes, and Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose; and numerous audio programs and card decks. Sonia was educated at the University of Denver and the Sorbonne in Paris, and holds a Ph.D. in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. She resides with her family in Chicago. For more information, visit

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