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We are an online community and blog built exclusively for women who want to live happier, more confident, and deeply fulfilling lives.

Through our blog posts, videos, interviews, and programs, we provide guidance and support aimed at educating women on how their pasts may be blocking them from becoming who they are truly meant to be.

Our purpose is simple: to help women from around the world break free from their painful pasts and reclaim their joy, success, and deepest desires.

Mojgan Rady is a wife, mother of 2, and the Founder at Best of You Today. Her 5 Step Path to Forgiveness is precisely what helped her acknowledge and release her painful past to become the woman she is today - and she's deeply committed to helping awaken the Best of You.

Growing up in Iran during the revolution, Mojgan and her family fled the country and moved to the heart of Los Angeles when she was only 8 years old.

Immediately thrown into the public school district without speaking a word of English, Moj struggled with a severe learning disability, rejection from her peers and persecution for her culture.

To make matters worse, she also endured traumatic physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and abandonment and was taught to keep her mouth shut and act as though everything was fine.

Although as she grew older and her environment changed, Moj unconsciously carried the pain of her past into adulthood and it affected the way she was showing up as a wife, friend, and mother.

She became an expert at hiding who she really was – that fearful 8 year old who wanted nothing more than to escape.

From the outside, it appeared as if Moj “had it all”. She had a loving husband, two beautiful kids, financial security... you name it. Yet, she knew that something was seriously wrong.

It wasn’t until she found herself on her closet floor at the age of 38 that she knew it was time to expose the lies she had been telling herself for so long and start the search for her TRUE self – the happy, healthy, radiant woman that is within all of us.

After years of research, studying and training with some of the biggest names in personal development and psychology, Moj discovered the ONE truth that set her free.

You cannot be the woman you are meant to be while denying any part of your past.

She journeyed from acceptance to forgiveness to pure happiness and is now doing everything she can to help you do the same.

Best of You Today is not about self-help. It’s about self-discovery so you can love from the deepest part of your soul, feel all the way to your core, and experience life more fully than ever before.

Regardless of your past... no matter the size of the torments you’ve suffered... pain is pain and together we can heal one another.

Whatever brought you here, please remember that Best of You Today was a site created for YOU and we want you to use it in the way the suits your needs best. Browse the blog, listen to our interviews and podcasts, and if you’re ready, dig into our programs.

We thank you for being here and look forward to getting to know you better during our time together.


The Best of You Today Team


Praise & Appreciation

"To me, the Best of You Today means that we're focusing and finding the best of ourselves. And most of us are focusing on some old self that doesn't even exist anymore! So when I hear the Best of You Today, I think about, 'what is the best of me today?' The best of me today is my loving heart, or the best of me today is my courageous warrior inside. The best of me today is my willingness to allow God or the divine to move me and guide me. I think if women come to 'what's the best of me' and use it for themselves, they can be guided on where to go and what's the next step to be the best self. When we are our best selves, our children learn to reflect that."

– Debbie Ford / NYT Best Selling Author of Courage

"I've known Mojgan for just about a year now, and I gotta tell you, I’ve never met somebody who is as committed to helping other people change their life as Mojgan. I have seen her invest in some of the best people in the world to help her create amazing programs and products for people. I’ve watched her commitment to excellence as she has continued to deliver high quality products. And if you’re lucky enough to ever invest time with Mojgan, you’ll get that not only is she committed to helping other people, but she is truly a genuinely great person. If you get a chance to go through some of her programs or invest time with her, you’re going to benefit for sure."

– Jim Bunch / Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life

"The person that I am today is by no means the person I was a few years back. Life changes if you're open to it and I am a testament to what many believed was a hopeless case.

Working with Mojgan and The Best of You Today has truly given me the complete freedom to set the stage for a life that is purpose driven with meaning and passion, and I am fearless for what I pursue now. Mojgan, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for truly living by example and I am so excited for anyone else who would have the opportunity to spend time with you or go through the same experience."

– Heather Johnson / Editor at Best of You Today

"I’m so excited about the Best of You Today, Mojgan and all the work she is doing. It’s been an honor for me to know her and be considered a part of the Best of You Today Family. I want to encourage anyone who is new to their site or a long-term guest to please stay connected because I know that Mojgan and her marvelous team are working daily to provide the best content."

– Marilyn Murray / Professor, Author, and Developer of The Murray Method

"Best of You Today is the embodiment of everything Mojgan has learned in her life and she has decided to apply all of that to a tool that could help people. She took what happened to her and instead of becoming bitter and negative, she took the tools that she learned and decided to transform her life and the lives of others and help people overcome the types of things that she went through as a child. It’s really an amazing thing."

– Jill Kramer / Literary Agent

"Best of You Today has all the packages and all the representations of the people who have created many kinds of tools that one could use. Mojgan is a treatise in how you go from one level of functioning as a human being that could be less than the potential one has, and opening up the possibilities."

– Michael DeFrancisco / Founder of Blessings Meditation